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Play Sculpture

Project type

Sculpture and Play resources in community garden




Fruitbowls Community Garden Dundee

This sculpture in Fruit Bowls Community Garden on Ancrum Road, was created as a partnership between ScrapAntics, local school pupils and the committee and volunteers at Fruit Bowls Garden.

ScrapAntics believe passionately in the power of Play to benefit children’s lives, encouraging them to use their imaginations and develop skills in working together, listening and communication.

Pupil’s from St Mary’s and Ancrum Road primaries created maps and drawings of Lochee and Dundee which have informed the design of the play sculpture. The sculpture itself is decorated with carvings of the children’s drawings, like a totem pole. The carving was carried out by local artist Owen Pilgrim.

The sculpture is accompanied by a decorated container full of recycled resources ate use during Play sessions.

Cherie from Play Scotland, the organisation who funded this project said, “We know that play is a life-enhancing experience. Play builds children’s capacity to thrive despite stress and adversity in their lives. “Just playing” can help build more resilient children.”

Fruit Bowls Garden is a free resource open to everyone, offering raised beds and communal growing areas for the local community. The garden is managed by a Committee of local residents and they engage with local schools to offer outdoor learning opportunities for children. New members are always welcome.

Many thanks to

Play Scotland, Fruit Bowls, Elaine Maher (project management, painting and design), Owen Pilgrim (carving), Chas Heath (support and installation), David Steedman (woodwork), Rhona Jack (canvas creation), Lee Donnelly, Mark Urban and Gareth Christie (installation) and Sam Cook and Kate Maher (workshop provision).