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Donate to support the community

It takes many people to make a community run. All your help and support is much appreciated and allows the amazing things ScrapAntics does to happen!

Thank you

Donate money

We have a vast amount of items we accept as donations which are listed below. If you would like to support us with a monetary donation then please click the 'Donate' button to link to PayPal below.


No one profits from ScrapAntics, all profits go back into the business and out community projects. Many thanks for your support. 

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Donate shop resources

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We welcome donations from anyone! Excess resources from local industry are particularly welcome, as well as from the local public.


We take most things that can be repurposed creatively. Our shop is quite small and full so sometimes we have to say no due to space issues, however we endeavour to take as many donations as we can.


Please get in touch for more info


Elaine Maher

ScrapStore Co-ordinator

+44 7450418031


We accept donations during our open times listed below. Please do not leave anything if the shop is closed, thank you.


We may also be able to open outside our hours or do a pick up for a large donation. Please get in touch to make arrangements.


Tuesday 11am - 5pm

Wednesday 11am - 5pm

Thursday 11am - 5pm

Friday 12pm - 4pm

Saturday 12pm - 4pm

Unit 2, Meadow Mill, West Hendersons Wind, Dundee, DD1 5BY 

This is not exhaustive and if you are unsure please give us an email or a call to ask!


  • Haberdashery supplies; fabric, thread, wool, needles etc


  • Arts materials; card, stickers, ribbon, buttons, sequins, glitter, stamps, glue, paint, paper, pencils, chalk, varnish, ink, frames, canvas, paint brushes, stationery etc


  • Hardware; hand tools, nails, screws, hooks, metal items etc


  • Random oddities; glass items, tins, instruments, mannequins, crystals, stones, driftwood etc


  • We do not accept: furniture, clothes, shoes, crockery or other items that are more household or charity shop

Donate play resources

Loose Part Play logos large for print transparent bg-01.png

Usually larger things that won't fit in our ScrapStore. We also supply many of the schools across Dundee with Loose Parts so we need a lot of them! Any donations would be gratefully recieved.


Kate Maher

Project Manager

+44 7584906186

This is not exhaustive and if you are unsure please ask


  • Large cardboard tubes

  • Long black ribbed tubes

  • Pallets

  • Long flexible tubes

  • Short thick plastic tubes

  • Large blue barrels

  • Small tyres

  • Large wheels

  • Cable reels

  • Flecked matting

  • Large metal tubes

  • Roll of plastic tarp

  • Length of rope

  • Chairs

  • Roll of linen

  • Golf balls

  • Lengths of guttering

  • Keyboard

  • Cones 

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Donate your time


ScrapAntics couldn’t exist without our wonderful team of volunteers! 


We often have opportunities to volunteer in our ScrapStore, at creative sessions and during events and activity days.


We are not currently seeking volunteers; however this is where all opportunities will be advertised. Please check back or keep an eye on social media, where volunteering call outs are announced.


If you have any specific questions please contact Elaine, our Volunteer Coordinator at

Different areas of ScrapAntics to volunteer in


(waiting list)

Role is varied but can include; meeting and greeting new customers, processing sales, sorting through donations, offering advice on creative projects, social media, restocking shelves, tidying, cleaning and maintaining a well organised display.

Wellgate Community Space

(No spaces at the moment)

Role is varied but can include; welcoming and chatting with the public, making sandwiches, helping distribute tea and coffee, cleaning and keeping the space presentable. There is also the opportunity to take the lead in a craft activity if this is something you are interested in!

Family club

Events and activities

(No spaces at the moment)

Role is varied but can include; assisting with craft or garden based activities such as maintaining raised beds, environmental improvements to green spaces, encouraging families to participate, helping with outdoor cooking and art activities and supporting at community events.

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Happy to say we are real living wage employers

Mailing list

Thanks for subscribing!

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