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The Day ScrapAntics Visited PEEK

It was all work and lots of play for the ScrapAntics play team when we visited an established Glasgow based play organisation called PEEK in April.

PEEK delivers an exciting and engaging range of opportunities for children and their families to engage in play and creative activities through many different programmes. They also provide many other activities and opportunities, including holiday programmes, early years intervention and a mobile food truck!

Two of the PEEK team, Tony and Vicky, showed us around local parks that they offer play in and we experienced one of their sessions being delivered. Families that we spoke to told us how important PEEK has been for them, with parents explaining that they provided increased social opportunities and developed mutually supportive relationships.

We were so happy to meet the children and families who attend PEEK sessions and learn more about how the sessions are facilitated. As a Play Worker I couldn’t help but join in with some of their games and the children were keen to tell us all about their activities!

We learned that sometimes using less resources and playing “old fashioned“ games can achieve happiness, confidence and increased connection. PEEK’s story of growth really inspired the ScrapAntics team. They helped us to look at our practice and at our own local parks in a different light.

The two teams shared lunch together and discussed good practice in how we deliver and serve our communities. PEEK are a great example of how consistency, advocacy and fun can go a long way to providing successful play sessions.

We also visited Baltic Street Adventure Playground, an incredible adventure play park filled with Loose Parts, tree houses, tunnels, a large climbing frame, water feature, sand pit, garden, campfires and loads of dens and hide-outs.

Both PEEK and Baltic Street share our values and passion for the power of play to transform the lives of children. The need in our communities is more pressing than ever and is a sharp reminder that the recent pandemic exacerbated inequality and outcomes for children and their families in our own community of Dundee.

We were made so welcome in Glasgow - it was truly inspiring how much of an impact these organisations make daily to children and families throughout Glasgow. We look forward to delivering more of our own Loose Parts Play sessions in Dundee and have invited them to come play with us soon!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Rob from Baltic Park and Tony and Vicky for taking us out to play (and being ever so kind when we asked lots of questions and climbed on things! We can’t help ourselves!). Also big thanks to our funders Inspiring Scotland, who facilitated this trip as part of our Playful Communities project.

Please check our social media and website for announcements about our next play sessions, and visit our Loose Parts Play page for more information on what we offer.

Written by: Sam Cook

Photos: Garet Christie

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