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Our ScrapStore lies at the heart of ScrapAntics – it’s our first point of contact with the public.


Run with the help of our volunteers, this is where our wonderful range of recycled resources are received, sorted and sold.

We accept card and cash payments in store.

Welcome to the ScrapStore...

Here you can find a constantly evolving stock of materials ranging from wood and hand tools to paper, fabric, yarn, card and stationery. If you look hard enough, you’re also bound to find some unusual and fascinating oddities!


The ScrapStore is an invaluable resource for artists, students, theatres, schools, nurseries, volunteer groups, small businesses, craftspeople, parents with young children, DIY fanatics. Anyone with an interest in creativity and sustainability!


We are always looking for donations, please see below for more information about what we accept.


We are here for the whole community; whether that’s by providing resources, holding events or spreading word of mouth about local activities. Please let our staff know if you have something you want to share or celebrate with local people!


If you are from a community focused business or organisation and would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch. We often offer discounts on our resources for community projects.

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Scrapstore Dundee, Scrap shop

w_scrapstore team

w_scrapstore team

Donate resources


Unit 2, Meadow Mill,

West Hendersons Wynd,

Dundee, DD1 5BY 

Tuesday 11am - 5pm

Wednesday 11am - 5pm

Thursday 11am - 5pm

Friday 12pm - 4pm

Saturday 12pm - 4pm

Elaine Maher

ScrapStore Co-ordinator

+44 7450418031

We welcome donations from anyone! Excess resources from local industry are particularly welcome, as well as from the general public. Here you can find a list of things we accept, although this is not exhaustive and if you are unsure please give us an email or a call to ask!

We accept donations during our shop open hours


  • Haberdashery supplies; such as fabric, thread, wool, needles etc

  • Arts materials; like card, stickers, ribbon, buttons, sequins, glitter, stamps, glue, paint, paper, pencils, chalk, varnish, ink, frames, canvas, paint brushes, stationery etc

  • Hardware; including hand tools, nails, screws, hooks, metal items etc

  • Random oddities; for instance - glass items, tins, instruments, mannequins, crystals, stones, driftwood etc


We do not accept: furniture, clothes, shoes, crockery or other items that are more household or charity shop

Members can shop online

Become a member

Click the button below to find out more about the pricing and benefits of becoming a member.


Scredits are Scrap-Credits which act as a voucher… allowing you to give the gift of sustainability and creativity!


You can purchase different values of Scredits in the ScrapStore, and if the recipient is not already a member you can also gift them a membership… just ask staff for details.

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Happy to say we are real living wage employers

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