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Food and Fun Day Event for Refugee Festival Scotland 2023

We were so happy to be able to deliver this wonderful event at Camperdown Park on 17 June,

thanks to the Small Grants Award from the Scottish Refugee Council.

Up to 300 people from many different communities visited on the day, for activities including:

- Loose Parts Play for children

- A creative magic wand making workshop

- A bake sale of food prepared by Arabic speaking and Ukrainian women

- A cycling demonstration provided by Yusuf Youth Initiative

- An art session and information stall delivered by Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

- Pond dipping and bug hunting with Dundee City Council Ranger Service

- Henna under our new large star tent and

- An information stall by Dundee Nablus Twinning Association

The day opened with a powerful and moving performance by Berehynia Women’s and Children’s

Choir from Ukraine. It was not necessary to understand the words In order to appreciate the

emotion and longing within the traditional songs.

This was the first bake sale for the women involved, who wish to develop their own business. It was

so positive to see the variety of food available and how well the women worked together in planning

the sale. Food always helps to bring people together and everything was sold! The feedback from

visitors was fantastic, with people enjoying the opportunity to try new food and make new


The theme for this year’s Festival is “hope” and ScrapAntics were delighted to assist so many people from diverse communities to share in the fun, meet for conversation and find out more about

opportunities available through local organisations.

The choir performance also encouraged a moment of reflection as we continue to offer support for

those facing the greatest challenges across the world. The day would not have been possible without Nojoud, our amazing New Scots Community Worker who led on the organisation of the event.

Also, a huge thanks to all of the volunteers from ScrapAntics and our partners With Refugees

Broughty Ferry who contributed so much to the day.

Finally, thanks to all of the partner organisations who made the event possible.

We look forward to continuing these important partnerships and to being part of next year’s


Refugee Festival Scotland 2023 - HOPE  

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