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Who we are...

ScrapAntics are a creative recycling social justice enterprise who run Dundee’s only ScrapStore.

Our core values are community, art, recycling and education.


Whilst here for everyone, we prioritise working with local people who face challenges through disadvantage, seeking to bring the joy and positive impact of imagination, creativity and Play to the whole community.


We are a diverse team of artists, creatives, volunteers, teachers, community workers, play workers and youth workers – all guided by our passion for social justice. Sustainability and equality are at the heart of everything we do – supporting the needs of our community, ensuring all voices are heard and putting people before profit.

We believe that creativity is core to rethinking our approach to living in, and learning about, the world…

New studios available!

Viewing 25th of July 

Contact Kate to
arrange a viewing

Creative Recycling

ScrapAntics have now repurposed over 100 tonnes of waste back into the community as resources for creative and play-based projects.


All of our workshops, projects and events use recycled and donated materials, driving forward Dundee’s circular economy and looking to create a more sustainable future.

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We recognise the importance of PLAY!

At ScrapAntics we are passionate about play. We believe it is integral to learning,  positive health and emotional well- being. Click the play tab above to find out more about our community play sessions and our Playful Schools programme.

Download reports,
posters & useful resources

Below you can download a variety of reports which demonstrate the impacts and findings of our projects, as well as a toolkit around Loose Parts Play.


These are free to download and share, as we are passionate about collective learning and sharing the outcomes of our work to best benefit others.

You can also download our current event posters to share with your community.

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Happy to say we are real living wage employers

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