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Elements workshops

At Family Club  recently we’ve been having creative fun exploring the elements! 

For ‘earth’ families created clay sculptures and painted stones. In another session we discussed ‘air’ and made wind chimes and collages. 

For ‘fire’ we decorated tote bags with hear press vinyl, and experimented with ‘shrinkies’ - which use the oven’s heat to create small plastic artworks.

The final week was water! We learned the ancient Japanese technique of marbling. The families all had lots of fun creating their marbled artworks which turned out great! 

Comments from participants;

“It's been really nice and chilled out today, I've enjoyed this as much as the children!“

“I like coming to Family Club because I have friends here.“

“I love our matching bags!!”

Many thanks to our funders National lottery community fund and to all the families involved! 

 As well as Scrap team members Sam, Neil, Jana, Errin and Sabria for supporting the sessions and lead artist Elaine Infinite Sky for bringing everything together. 

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