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Charleston Antics

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Charleston, Dundee

This summer a group of Charleston families from both New Scots and native Scots backgrounds took part in a series of workshops and events encouraging creativity, play and community connections.

The free workshops were held with seven local families and involved drawing, music making and sharing food together. The families drew pictures and positive messages to celebrate their community and welcome people to the area. They chose their favourite colours to be part of the design, which was created on seven large mural boards.

During the project many more families enjoyed play sessions and opportunities to contribute their own drawings which were featured in the finished mural design. 

The mural was revealed at a celebration event on Alec Craigie Green in Charleston with over 70 people attending for Loose Parts Play, art activities, food and fun! The boards are now permanently displayed along the side of the community centre beside St Clements Church.

Katrina and Ali

“We learn about music. We learn about art. The kids learn a lot.

My son Ali loves art and he enjoyed it so much. This gave us something to do together.

He is autistic and get bullied and it’s so hard for him. He wants to find a friend but he can’t. So this is a safe place for him to come and he is happy here. He learn things and do art things and people are nice to him. He always happy when we come here.

I don’t have a car. It’s hard to go to things. So thanks for coming to this community so we can join in.

This give kids and me joy. Look at this art! So beautiful. It’s our work and I can’t believe we made it. It’s amazing. We will remember this and we hope you can come back and do more things.”