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Pollen-8 (Botanics Sculpture)

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May 23


Dundee Botanical Gardens

In 2023 ScrapAntics and Dundee City Council invited Dundee citizens to choose a local artist to create a legacy sculpture at the Botanic Garden.

Artists were invited to develop a design which encourages conversation around sustainability whilst being interactive, playful and suitable for all ages.

The winning artist was Ailsa Magnus MRSS, who engaged with local schools through a series of creative workshops, before creating and installing the sculpture in time for the public opening in May 2023.

Managing Director of ScrapAntics, Sandy Greene, said: ”Scotland boasts a wealth of talented artists and we are passionate about the use of creativity and play to explore important and relevant topics such as climate change, sustainability and energy.”

The final series of eight sculptures were inspired by the resilience of pollen and pollinators. Some trees require bees to pollinate them, but did you know that the bees also need the trees? They provide habitat for some species, as well as a rich source of both pollen and nectar for feeding. Some nest in holes in trees, and under bark. Without these havens, they struggle to survive. Without these resilient little creatures we too would struggle to survive.

You can go and see these beautiful wooden sculptures in the Botanic Garden now, with the landscape and planting being developed around them over the coming years.

Many thanks to Ailsa Magnus, Kevin and all his staff at the Botanic Garden and Dr Viola Marx from Dundee City Council Dundee Climate Fund - as well as the school pupils who took part!